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Spiros Kontakis started off composing and performing music, but 25 years later, when he felt that he needed to re-design his future as an artist and meet up with his "childish" self, he took his pencils and started drawing images of objects and pieces of furniture, which, although static, they have the tendency to move on to the next stage of their existence, obtain consciousness and eventually break free, by breaking the barriers of immobility.

The artist’s intention, has always been, everything he creates to contain this magical feeling of communication with his childhood memories, when wise naivety and innocence, used to deform and reconstruct reality in a dream like manner, by constantly ignoring logic and regulations.

Spiros wishes that his objects can travel all over the world, meet up and conversate with different people and find themselves a place to rest, in various spaces, bringing a new perspective of comfort and awareness to the person close to them.