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Breath, the creative innovative program, in which drawing, crafts,theater, speech and movement come together, the participants discover ways of artistic expression, freedomof communication, creative ideas and liberation of their imagination.

Art entices fun, and fun brings us to the discovery of the "space"  with interactive physical exercises, of the "image", by making masks, costumes, sets and "speech", with stories that are dramatized and presented.


> Creative workshop for children "BREATH"

In the creative workshop for children "BREATH", the socialization process of the children, starts by including them in a team of peers in which they share experiences and activities such as crafting masks, drawing and painting, story telling and theater. In the workshop, they experiment with colours, emotions, their dreams and imagination and they discover their potential, in their own magic world, by releasing their creativity.


> Creative workshop for adults "BREATH"

Anything different, strange, funny or serious we want, desire or dream, can be made real in the creative workshop for adults "BREATH". The process is simple and entertaining, much like a game, changing a character, position and behaviour. Through these "discoveries" the experimentation takes place with the help of colours, emotions, dreams and imagination in a creative world, liberating ones soul.

The "animator" in cooperation with the team, orchistrates and directs the artistic and theatrical actions.


> Maximum number of participants in every creative workshop: 18 people