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When the eyes are wide shut and the body is carried away in the sleep journey, pictures, stories and faces, blow our mind away. Twirling it in supernatural directions, unexpected situations, enchanting and paradoxical. The conscious, the subconscious, the fear, the desire, the unfulfilled, are all tightened together in “small dreamer’s rooms”, tricking us. 

These are what we call dreams. With such a duration, as one that we can bear. Dreams that relieve and create, that touch the impossible meaning of our life. Dreams that invent new journeys, new fates, new truths. 

Dreamer’s Room exhibition artworks are three-dimensional visual structures, created with various materials and infrequent papers from dictionaries and maps from the early 1900s. Scale model human figures narrate paradoxical situations that rise up through the mind maze. The artwork supplements texts, highlighting paradoxical and the surreal authenticity of dreams.


Duration: 18/11/16 - 11/12/16