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Fashion is an inspiration, a style and a way of life. Fashion is art.

Pirée presents Port Défilés, a new series of fashion galas, accompanied with performing arts and events. The diversity and the need for new proposals in the Greek fashion scene composes brand new live shows beyond the established led trend, giving the opportunity to already acknowledged designers, but also to new ones, for a creative expression through out their work.

At the 1st Port Défilé the sea brings Eleftheria Kardami back to Piraeus, by using her conceptual clothes as a statement. Eleftheria perceives that everyday life and fashion are directly connected. On March 3, 2018, we expect to see her more sensitized than ever since she will present the Blue Eyes collection with a more innovative show this time by engaging performing arts. Blue and black as colours are not just an expression on her garment but it is the conflict she-we all experienced by witnessing the oil spill in September 2017 on our shores. Eleftheria offers us a peaceful protest driving us to see the ugliness of beauty that has been caused.

In addition to her collection she uses logos on her t-shirts, printed messages, in order to sensitize us regarding the balance of environment.

Creative Team Collaborators:

Vilelmini Andrioti / Artistic Director, Concept

Katerina Ververi / Vocalist

Nikos Stadiatis / Accordion

Maria Frantzeskaki / TAVROS3 JEWELS, Jewel

Angel Gavril / SADHU HAIR, Hair Styling


Fashion Gala: Saturday 3/3 • 21.00

Pop Up Show Room: Saturday 3/3 • 18.00 - 23.00 | Sunday 4/3 • 13.00 – 23.00