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Pirée, is a living artistic cell that explores creativity, design and art. It is located in an industrial building in the salty, animated neighborhood in Piraeus (Agios Dionisios area), once the neighbourhood of the metal sheet factories.

In an ever changing, multi functional space, Pirée hosts art and design showrooms,live events and fashion performances, design shops and pop up exhibitions, introducing and redefining every possible form of artistic expression to our everyday life.

Combining harmonically art ,culture and entertainment, Pirée is open everyday and also hosts an atmospheric coffee bar. 

Pirée 's intention is to inspire and support creative trends, Greek or international, that originate from seemingly different artistic poles, exploring the boundaries between art and design, aiming to create and promote cultural content.

Pirée connects art and design with lifestyle and entertainment, in a free thinking zone, a "common space" and creative human resources platform in Piraeus.

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