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Twelve young Visual Artists approach through their work the meaning of Liberation, an overmastering need in the disputed era we live in, as well as an eternal battle for mankind's existence.

The Artists' goal is to reassess the sense "rysis", either through conceptual practices or the use of contemporary visual vehicles. The visual (master)pieces reconcile the opposites, with ultimate goal to pursuit contemplating & questioning. Thus, multidimensional as well as contradictory to the sense of salvation visual interpretations arise, setting human at the center.

The dual meaning of the term "rysis" is manifested additionally, throughout the meaning of flow in the visual interpretations, highlighting on one hand the different dimensions of the term, on the other hand its organic relation with the evolving reality.

*rysis: salvation/liberation (liberation linked to death, or salvation linked to the purification of the living soul/Ancient Greek)

*rysis: flow /Modern Greek


> Participating Artists:

Tatiana Agapitou / Natalia Voudigari / Manolis Kaloudas / Dimitris Karatzas / Dimitris Labrou / Vagelis Lioudakis / Labrini Markou / Lena Morfogeni / Elina Niarchou / Μargarita Petrova / Stelios Spiridakis / Nikos Chatzikonstantis

> Curated by Labrini Markou