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Why meet new people in real life when you can meet them online?
Why live life, when you can experience its full of likes, safe virtual form?

Are you ready to face reality? One instant photograph without memories or future, that's going to disappear in time, the same way your facebook posts will...
What was your biggest dream? What is your biggest dream?
Give me a moment of yours.-


Emmanuelle A. creates an interactive photographic installation at Pirée, addressing a specimen of modern social behaviour, that even though is presented as normal, creates questions concerning our social progress.

The photographs, instant & expendable, just as our social media posts, will try to highlight the new role of people as individuals within the modern, always-online and free world, questioning the current social constracts that impose everyones online presence.

R.L.D. (Real Life Definition) is interactive & ever developing, updated & completed in time with the help & participation of the audience.

:: Sunday 27/11/16

:: Friday 2/12/16

:: Sunday 18/12/16

:: Sunday 15/1/17

:: Friday 27/1/17

Starts at 20:00